cropped-IMG_3796.jpgSo let me explain the vision of Liv Life coaching to you a little better…… 

As a Health & Wellness Mentor my intention is simple – “Live Life”.

Life’s really not about a relentless treadmill of green leafy veg, detox teas and omega 3 fats – they have their place that’s for sure, but it’s about balance. Eat well and make the right choices & exercise in a way that works for you. You like chocolate, cheese, a G & T or a cheeky little vino – I do! I treat myself. I get a balance and I am the happiest, the fittest and the healthiest I’ve ever been.  I am so passionate about health, fitness and wellness and love to see people happy and content with who they are and where they are in life, feeling good about yourself is so important, I can help you with that.  The future of Liv Life Coaching is about educating people to live their life to the full and having a whole heap of fun, smiles and laughter on the way. My philosophy will not suit everyone, I know that and that’s ok by me if I make a difference to one person then my work is done. Life’s a gift, be grateful for it. ‪#‎livlifecoaching PS “Liv” is my daughters name ‪#‎notaspellingmistake ‪#‎gorgeousgirl ‪#‎thankyou