An average day in my diet

So I thought I’d do a little snap shot of what I eat on an average day, I’m pretty active and try to base my daily intake around 1600 – 2000 calories a day and 50 – 60 grams of fat depending on my training that day.  I pack in as much raw fruit and veg as I can and try a get through at least 2 – 3 litres of water a day too.  I keep my diet *gluten-free and follow Fodmap as best I can too – below are links to copy and paste to the sites I use for guidance on both.

*Fodmap is to help people with IBS which my wife suffers with and also helps with digestion

My typical day –

Breakfast is nearly always a smoothie, banana, blueberries 1/2 avocado, almond milk, a little honey and a few oats (oats can be a problem for celiac but I just have an intolerance to gluten so they’re fine for me) comes in around 350 Calories and 15 grams of GOOD FATS.

Lunch I often have a baked potato, usually with some feta cheese or cottage cheese and a nice salad on the side.  Comes in about  350 calories and 7 grams of fat.

Snacks 2 – 4 a day based around my exercise as I’m hungry when I’m more active – I choose a Nakd bar, sesame snap pack, one piece of dark chocolate, turkish delight or oat cake with a bit of jam on, if I’m feeling savoury I go for sweet chilli or flavoured rice crackers or salted almonds.  They vary but about 100 -150 calories each and between 2 – 7 grams of fat, nuts, chocolate, sesame snap and Nakd bars are higher in GOOD FATS.

Dinner I often go for a King Prawn/prawn stir fry always in coconut oil, lots of veggies, pak choi, water chestnuts, stir an egg in and a small portion of brown rice and usually use a dry spice mix for flavour or sweet chilli sauce if I’m in a lazy mood.  This is about 400 calories and 15 grams of GOOD FATS.

So daily 1550 ish calories and 50ish grams of fat – mostly from GOOD FATS.  

So if you eat well you can have a lovely varied diet that you can enjoy, I also often munch on raw carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks to keep me going too.  Enjoy your food its delicious and so easy to be healthy, preparation is key, my advice every time would be plan, plan, plan.  To keep me on track I use this website to track my calories and find it really useful it offers a 7 day free trial – so give it a go and get in the habit before Christmas takes its toll and you end up fed up and grumpy in January. 

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