Power packed Banana Flapjack

This delicious power packed snack comes in at 185 calories and 5.6g of good fats.  It full of all things good and is delicious with a nice strong cup of coffee.  

Banana Flapjacks
Serves 12
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  1. 150g Dates
  2. 3 Ripe bananas
  3. 100g of your favorite mixed seeds and or nuts
  4. 100g of your favorite dried fruit
  5. 200g Oats
  6. Cinnamon or mixed spice (optional)
  1. Place the dates in the food process and whizz up with a drop of water
  2. Add the bananas
  3. In a separate bowl at all other ingredients.
  4. Combine the wet and dry ingredients.
  5. Grease and line a baking tray and pack firmly and flatten.
  6. Bake at 170 degrees for approx. 35 minutes.
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