Pilot Health & Wellness workshop

I will be running a pilot Health & Wellness workshop in November (date to be confirmed). If you are interested please read on and complete a mail me form on my website to provisionally reserve your place.

The workshop with explore 3 key areas: –

Fuel –

What we should be eating to fuel our bodies effectively.

How we make healthy choices a part of everyday life.

Why it is so important and the benefits to our physical and mental health.

Move –

What we can do to get active.

How we move in different way to fit in with daily life.

Why it is so important to move and be active in everyday life and the health and wellness rewards it brings.

Your rule –

Think positive & appreciate and see how this has a powerful effect on achieving your goals.

Connect, how we take a moment to reconnect with ourselves giving a moment to breathe and be in the moment.

Respect and see how this will help achieve goals and ambitions.


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