Hey…. So my names Lindsey Richardson, but I much prefer plain old Linz!  So if you’re interested in what I’m all about and Liv Life Coaching then please… read on! 

I am a fully qualified Advanced Personal Trainer & Life Coach and take a holistic approach as a Health & Wellness Mentor & my drive is simple, I want to help people appreciate the here and the now, live life to the full and maybe help educate a little about the benefits of regular exercise, positive mind, healthy eating, how you can have a super healthy diet that isn’t going to make you feel deprived and how staying positive and feeling good will open up a whole new world of opportunity.

So firstly I love my food and am really enthusiastic about people becoming far more educated about eating right so they can feel and see the amazing benefits and fuel their body effectively, I eat lots but it’s 90% good stuff, I am also pretty normal too and there are times I can’t help myself and dive into a massive bag of crisps, or munch through enough biscuits to keep me going for a month!!  So what, it’s ok, just don’t let it become a regular habit, forget it and just move on. 

I am also massively passionate about regular exercise and keeping a positive mind,  I do lots of exercise from smashing out some sessions at the gym to lovely long dog walks with my family & my adorable chocolate Labrador Lex, we also go for short cycles as a family and enjoy a play in the swimming pool with our 6 year old daughter.  Exercise doesn’t have to be formal or a chore just move, get your blood pumping and have fun with it, it’s important for your health & wellness so find out what works for you and you’re set !  

Look I’m really not looking to set the world on fire with my passion it’ll just be nice to give a bit of help to people, on the whole most people are pretty alright once you get past a bit of baggage.  I’ve struggled with my self esteem, confidence and my weight my whole life, I think and behave like your average everyday kind of a woman and that’s how I live my life, however as most of us know life can throw heartbreak and challenges when least expected and I’ve unfortunately lost some pretty inspiring people on the way, this drives me to appreciate and enjoy the here and the now even more.  I am also lucky enough to be blessed with a beautiful wife, 2 wonderful children and an amazing family, this lot I adore and am grateful for every single day, they all make me smile lots ;-).  I have learnt so much over the years and have become a stronger and better person from my experiences, I truly believe I can help people look at things in a different way, in my opinion if I did it and continue to do it then you can – it’s as simple as that.  So there you go that’s just a little bit about me, why not come see me and tell me a little bit about you.  Liv Life Coaching because…….. Every Day Matters!!! Trust me on this one 😉   

You only live once but if you do it right once is enough